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I bought this the other day with the intention of bringing it to Myrtle Beach with me. Unfortunately I made the mistake of beginning it and, in typical me fashion, have finished it.

I'm not a huge fan of fantasy or science fiction books. I love an element of the fantastic in fiction, but I find many fantasy authors to be distastefully bland and manufactured, writing what I could have come up with in 7th grade. In fact, I did come up with things like that in 7th grade, and have since come up with much more interesting ideas (though never get them anywhere except my head and TextEdit). Lynn Flewelling has never disappointed me, however. Much like Storm Constantine and Wraeththu (who is more science fiction than fantasy), I find her work to be very well done. Very few inconsistencies, well developed characters, and intriguing and original plots. I wasn't disappointed with Shadows Return. It's the fourth book in the series, and it was absolutely fantastic. It actually had me in tears at one point, which is something very few books, TV shows, movies, or any other kind of media have done. I think the last time I cried at a fictional work was the BSG episode "Maelstrom", which is the one where Kara "dies". Lee's reaction just about killed me, and in this book, Seregil's reaction to Alec's death just...holy shit. It really got to me, needless to say.

There's really no point in saying this except that anyone that reads this (I know who you are) should read these books. Whether I like you or not, you deserve a bit of a break, and Lynn Flewelling's books are perfect for taking your mind off of things. The only other fantasy I'd recommend is quite obviously Harry Potter. Maybe it's just the way my mind works, but over the years (7th grade-10th grade or so) I tried quite a few fantasy series and authors, and none of them impressed me except Flewelling and Constantine. So go buy them and read them- they're worth it. Though I'd suggest digging in to Constantine when you have a lot of time to spend reading and figuring shit out, because she has the most complex universe of fiction I've ever encountered.

But anyways, I was diagnosed with Essential Hand Tremor, jsyk. The twitching is apparently a manifestation of the tremor and he said it gets worse with depression and anxiety, so I have an appointment to come back in four weeks. I was given a script for Topamax, which will calm the jumping nerves. I've been refusing new prescriptions but this one is important to me. Anyone against medications should try dealing with a hand and arm like mine and then telling me they wouldn't jump at the opportunity to calm it. If the meds don't work, and the tremor keeps getting worse, he'll refer me for brain surgery, but I'm really hoping it doesn't come to that. If it does, let it be many years in the future.

Another public entry because I don't give a shit.

Trivia: Missy Higgins wrote "All For Believing" when she was 16. I hate her for being awesome. And she's only 24.


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