Dec. 5th, 2008

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You know, I might complain about things. And the things I do to myself may not be the greatest. I keep quiet about most of the things that actually bother me, because I can't talk about them- but they're a lot more serious than your bitter bullshit.

It must really suck to go through life so fucking bitter and angry at the world that you apparently have no feelings except anger and irritation.

At least I have a fucking heart. I suffer in silence, and I keep my fucking soul. So fuck you. Fuck your bitterness. Fuck the way you talk about me like I'm some sort of cretin, like I'm not a human being. I am. More so than you'll ever be.
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To clarify a bit, since I've had two people ask me about that last entry

it wasn't directed at anyone in particular, exactly, but mainly one person. She doesn't read my LJ- if she did, I'd have made sure it was either a private entry or in a cut she couldn't read. Or, I hope she doesn't read my LJ, haha.

I'm just very upset about the way a few people have been treating me lately. I'm having a really rough time, and I'm keeping silent about most of it because that's what I'm learning to do. But I just had to get that out. One final attempt at getting her to talk ot me, at least say "hey!", and NOTHING.

So fucking 7th grade. You don't just...stop talking to someone. If I did something that bothered you, you tell me. You don't get bitter and angry and go off talking about me like I'm aterrible person because I have a mental illness. One you can't udnerstand.

I just hope that she calms down soon and starts talking to me again. I love her too much to let her go this easily, but the bitter, angry, inhuman way she's been acting is so just NOT okay.

So don't worry guys, I'm okay. I just needed a quick rant. And sorry Steph, for making it seem like I was trying to target you- our "tiff" set it off, but believe me, this has been going on for weeks and has been bothering me and hurting me steadily more and more. So I figured a good ole' public LJ entry would help me feel better. And it did =) And killing russians made it even better, so ty. Nothing makes a niht better like Ocelot teh gay and Snake teh adorable and ghey. =)


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